Aunts and Uncles

Hanging out with Uncles Doug and Jeff and Aunt Pam

4th of July music in Tower Grove Park

Olivia still loves dogs. She found a spot on the lady's blanket beside us.

Time for a little Moo, Baa, La La La

Joseph always seems just a little bit concerned. Probably because he is never sure when his sister is going to pop up and rip his sassy out of his mouth.

Family, Friends and Curiosity

I will admit; I am an amateur blogger. I believe that a good blog is supposed to say a lot with a few pictures and a few words. I will work on being concise in the future. For now we are just trying to get some pictures out there for family and friends who haven't seen our new Joseph yet or Olivia in a while. Also, these are all out of order and I couldnt' figure out how to fix it - again, amateur blogger.

Shootin' the breeze with Scrapaw.

Pool time with pal, Annika.

This was a big month of piggies - we painted our piggies for the first time and wore piggies in our hair for the first time.

Taking a break at the Botanical Garden for some snack with Aunt Pam.

Joseph is a lot more tense than Olivia was - here he is trying really hard to relax in the bath.

Our frog pool - Olivia stood in the same spot the whole time. She is getting more comfortable.

Still a little jaundice in the face here. This is about 3 weeks old I think.

Out for a little day hike. There was something very curious in the water under the bridge.


We are still catching up with posting pictures. Here is Joseph at a few weeks.

This is the day we came home from the hospital. Olivia spiked a 104 fever and we never figured out why. Her shoulders are all wet from a cold towel and her lips are all pink - she was so sweetly pitiful.