Sweatin' it

I'm typically not a huge fan of men in sweat pants, but who couldn't love this?
 These were the early days when his eyes were rarely open, so I snapped a shot in the bathroom mirror.


Bringing in fall

Well at least it usually feels like fall around here even though it does not look like it - but not his year.  It has been hot, hot.  We are back into the 80's this weekend unfortunately.  But we won't let that get us down!  We pulled out our fall boxes a few weeks ago and brought fall to the inside even if we don't see much of it outside.

 I love a kid who will get excited about fall dish towels!

Pumpkin muffins and hot tea.

Frank and Irma's Driving Range

 I think he (August) is more likely to play hockey.

The thrill of a ring pop

I think Henry looks a little like Yoda here.  "How get I here among these crazy people green tongues with?"

What a couple of M's make

I've taken this picture with every kid.  One day I'll hunt them all down and post them together - with a contest on who can tell who's who.

Getting used to things

The good news is that Greta loves "baby Henry."  She constantly checks on him, talks to him, and knows the location of his "sucker" at all times...unless, of course, I have dropped it somewhere in the neighborhood.  She has never called him just Henry, it's always Baby Henry.  What she is not so sure she likes is the lack of immediate response to all of her requests.  Which, honestly, I don't really understand because we never jumped when she said jump anyway.  Nevertheless, she is trying to find her spot...which at the moment appears to be two steps over whatever line I have drawn.  It helps that she is a pretty funny kid, taking on silly voices and postures in order to mess with you.
 I think in these pictures she went from giving him some smooches to claiming that he kicked her.
 But in the end, she always lands here - wanting to be near him.  And for that we are (mostly) thankful.

Well loved

This brings new understanding for me of the saying "rode hard and hung up wet."  I am afraid he is not going to survive all the love and necessary washings to keep him sanitary.

Bringing Henry home

 Blowing off steam - wrestling with Mimi.

Quick snuggle break.

I think maybe 3 days old here...maybe 4.

 Proof to myself that this actually happens.
 Whew, this is going to be crazy.
 The Hobbit sleeps over with Mimi
 The whole crew
 Three generations
 Boy, do I look tired.  My mother, on the other hand, looks well rested and about 30 years old.
 Passing the important things down the generational line...
 ...true talent. (I wish I had Olivia's face in this picture.)

Here goes nothin'!