Poorly documented tradition - year 4

We went to Switzer Canyon again this year for our traditional Pilgrim and Indian picnic.  Our crowd has grown - partially because we keep having babies - but we also gained a few neighbors this year, ours and theirs.  I think there were 13 kids this year. The menu: popcorn, turkey sandwiches, pumpkin cookies and apples.  
 The youngest pilgrim
 That's August and Joe up on the rope swing.
 A couple of Coopers
 A major negotiation...I'm not sure what it was about, but they were both frustrated with each other.

Self sufficient

We have an ER doc friend who says that one of the biggest causes of cut wound seen in the ER is...bagel slicing.  Who knew?

Where's my spoon

Couldn't you just eat him up?

Paying attention

I have really been trying lately to become a student of my daughter.  I have assumed for 7 years that she and I are a lot alike and thus assuming that I understand her.  I don't think I do.  As the oldest you are expected to do a lot without asking questions, to just adjust and roll with it.  She does that well, even when she does not want to.  I have a lot to learn and I am praying for the grace to slow down and pay attention.  She could not have been happier this day...to be left completely alone in her room with sleeping Henry, reading to him.  Note to self: give her more opportunities like this.


It took about a year, but we finally have birds on our feeder.


I don't remember why I took this, but isn't he cute?

Knights and tigers and bees, oh my!

I survived another McBride Halloween costume dash.  I have actually started to look forward to our tradition of putting the kids' costumes together the day of...or the night before this year.  The first year we did it because Olivia asked to be a zebra and we kept thinking that she would surely change her mind and want to be a princess...but she never did, so we found ourselves buying a white leisure suit and black paint at Wal-Mart the day of Halloween.  Each year, Mike becomes more and more the mastermind, which I love because even though I have started to enjoy our tradition, the truth is last minute stuff still stresses me out.

So, this year we had a request for a tiger and a knight.  We didn't give Greta a choice - she was the bumble bee...everyone has been the bumble bee (including her cousin).  The knight began with a youtube tutorial...
Then the tiger began with a body tracing on a pair of old sheets...

Then the sewing machine...yes, the man can sew.  But please don't make a big deal about it, otherwise he may quit and I will have to do it next year.
It is a full family effort...Olivia working on the handle for Joe's shield.
Greta "sharing" her antenae with Henry.
And giving him a push...probably yelling something like, "Fly bumble bee!  Fly!"
The face paint

Ta da!  (Joseph's armor is a sun shield for a car.)

First stop, Irma's!  She always has a special zip-lock bag loaded with candy for the kids on our block.

Desiree and her little fairy princess.
When asked about his costume, August said "I am your worst nightmare."  A knight/devil/worker man.
Posted this for you, Mom - Anthony's.
The other Olivia - a humming bird.
Tiger, tail in hand...kept getting stepped on.
Block bumble bees.

Guess we'll have four costumes to figure out next year...we may need to start a little earlier.  I'm already getting a little stressed out.