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Happy Henry

Curios Henry

Hungry Henry

Snuggle-y Henry

Henry and The Hurricane

Surprised Henry

Poor Henry

Playtime Henry
 Pushed Through Developmental Stages by Older Sister Henry

Enjoying the Party Henry

This is always funny

First year in ballet.  Doesn't quite have her routine down yet.

Head knocker, eye winker, nose smeller...

After watching The Miracle Worker today with the big kids, these pictures have new meaning.  I suppose exploring the face is helpful whether you have full use of all your senses or not.

What a patient big sister.

"I will not eat them here or there..."

Well, I learned with Greta that the 6 month push to start solids is really not necessary.  Now that I think of it, I should start a list of all the things I have finally learned by #4.  I remember being so anxious to start solids with Olivia as soon as she turned 6 months...and I am glad that I did because I was pregnant with Joseph by 9 months and my milk dried up.  She needed that food!  But with no kid coming (immediately) behind, I was not too concerned when Greta boycotted solid food.  She wanted nothing to do with it and often looked at me like I was trying to feed her rat poison.  No like it!  It was 10 months before she really started eating mushed up food.  And, honestly, that was a relief.  Nursing, if you can do it, makes life a lot simpler.   So, round about 7 months we started seeing what this guy was interested in...
 ...mostly the spoon...but we did get a few little birdie open mouths...

 ...he gave it a chance here and there...

 And we almost a smile once...

Big sister even tried to help...

 But mostly it goes down a little bit like this:

Oh the drama.

I really think I may be doing damage to our trust bond...again the accusations of rat poison.

Playing in the rain

I love what happens between these two when they are the only ones home.

Asleep at the wheel

I think I was on duty here...but I'm still not sure who gave him the marker.  Odds are on Greta.
Fair warning: there are a lot of pictures of this kid coming...he has started eating (a very little), rolling around and pushing up on his knees!

Growing up

Lilly passed the marker last week.  She is officially 3 and just waiting for Greta to catch up.
They've reached a lot of milestones together.


Hanging with the (not that much) bigger boys...

And leaving your little sister to clean up from the last activity.