Still together...after all these years

They've had their moments.  Like the time Lilly hit Greta with a croquet mallet - which brought the friendship to a screeching halt for about 2 weeks - but other than that they press on.  They are so different.  They beg to play with each other, but sure know how to push each other's buttons.  You really have to coach children, you know.  They do not instinctively know how to do relationship.  They know how to instinctively protect their own interests (and stuff), but not how to consider another better than themselves or that a soft answer turns away wrath.  Most adults can't even get the hang of this.  It's constant, this parenting job.

Bunny's still there

Her name is Alley, by the way.  Cindy, Irma's daughter, found her in the alley.

Mondays in Balboa Park

Olivia takes ballet on Mondays in Balboa Park.  Usually Mike takes everyone over there for an hour so I can get supper ready.  It is a great little routine we have.

 So weird looking at this picture.  Joseph no longer has those front two teeth now.

 Sun grins

 This kid has got some abs!

They got a bunny next door

We Heart Botany

It's baseball season!

In case it was not obvious.

Play ball, little Pirate!

Pure class

In case you thought SoCal was full of classy folks and hipsters, remember, we moved here!

In the words of my friend Donna...

...(not quite used in context), "You never know what's going to look good to ya."

For most of you people, rain is no biggie.  Happens all the time.  Maybe you dread it.  Maybe you love it.  Here, you can go the entire first year of your life and never see it, particularly in a drought year.

Wait, the baby is in his pj's and shoe-less in the cold rain. 

That's better.

I hear music when I look at the pictures.  I'm just not sure what the music is.

Happy place

Olivia could not be happier.  Henry initiated this little snuggle session. She is constantly caught between enjoying the privileges of being the oldest and missing one on one attention.  After looking through one of the two photo albums we own (aside from our wedding), which happens to be filled entirely with pictures of her (we got a digital camera right after Joseph was born), she says to me, "I miss the days when I was an only child and got all the attention."  

Those first 18 months were great.

Hand me down

Our neighbor, Carlos, gave Greta his grandson's old trike.  Come to think of it, the tricycle may have actually belonged to his kids.  It's old.  So not safe.  The center of gravity is super high, so it tips easily. Greta loves it!  She calls it her "vehicle."

 Can you see Joseph trying to surf the wagon.
 He made the wise decision to sit down.
 And she made the wise decision to slow down...
 ...just after she hit the tree.  This vehicle definitely requires a helmet.