The Visit

So the Veermans made a cross country, month long, r.v. trip this spring - and parked their rig in our driveway for a few days!  I wish I had a picture of that.  We tracked their trip on our map until they pulled in our driveway!  One day, when the kids are older and we get our nerve up, they can track us.

One of the many projects: I think they squeezed a couple of quarts at least of OJ and one big jar of grapefruit juice.  There was one sticky mess on the porch, but a lot of yummy juice for breakfast.

It was great to have them around and just be a part of our routine.   Caleb by our church banner at the ball park.  They road their bikes over to Joseph's baseball game.
I had another one of this cute guy and his favorite buddy, Henry.  But I can't find where I saved it.
Kate got to go to Olivia's ballet performance.  I was the only one who knew which one she was because I was at the rehearsal.  Her bangs were slicked back and Kate never was able to figure out which one she was.  It took Mike half the dance...and the dance was only about 2 minutes long.
Sunday morning breakfast.  Eight kids and we made it to church on time!
Aquarium at the L.A. Science Center.  We went to see the space shuttle Endeavor.
Swimming at the Yerkes' pool
On the Midway and at the Oceanside Pier.  We drove up and camped with them one night.  I should have zoomed in on this pictures.

I might wish later that I had taken a little more time to write more commentary on the great it feels to be with dear friends from so far away, how easy it all was, how fun.  But this stage in life does not allow for as much commentary as I would like...not if I am actually going to enjoy the moments while they are here.

The developmental post

Since this blog has not been up to date since Greta was born, this news is old.  But Henry has indeed learned to crawl and will likely be walking in the next couple of months.  He's had the cutest army crawl of all the kids.

After learning to skootch, he stood up...

Then he had to figure out how to get down.

Maybe I'll get around to posting his crawling before he actually starts walking...we'll see.

Personality differences

Can you see it?