Uncle Jeremy, is it time yet?

You want soma this?


I finally found diner chairs and it was quite an exhilirating experience. We've had this circa 1950's table from Mike's grandpa for quite a while and we have had our wooden dining room chairs tucked nicely underneath it. You do what you have to when you don't want to fork out $200 plus for "vintage" diner chairs. I received an estate sale email notice the other day that pictured these beauties, so I planned my week around the sale. It was smack in the middle of nap time, but sacrifices must be made by all. I packed my babies up in 100 degree weather and toted them to what I thought was a regular ol' estate sale - Nope! It was an auction! A sweet, fellow bidder - and I say fellow because I did indeed become a bidder myself - noticed my confusion, pointed me in the right direction, and with a 15+ pounder strapped to my front and a 23+ pounder on my hip I joined the chaos. The crowd filed in the kitchen where I was standing guard by my chairs. I was cornered, my heart was pounding, and I was praying one of my children wouldn't decide they were tired of this exhilirating adventure. The cupboards filled with dishes - SOLD! The pantry filled with bakeware - SOLD! The oh so classy, insulated, drinking cups with fish on them - SOLD! I went head to head with "that other guy." My hands were full of frightened children so I had to give the nod every time the price went up. I was playing it cool. Didn't want to seem like I cared too much. (Oh, but I cared!!!) SOLD! The circa 1952 gray table and set of four red diner chairs! I was so into it I didn't realize it was over. I asked the lady next to me, "Did I get them?" She said yes. I asked her, "Do you know how much I paid for them?" Forty bucks!!! Anybody need the gray table?

A day in the life

Morning pool time at Tower Grove Park.
Morning paw snack - first breakfast.
Afternoon slide time in the back yard.
Another paw snack - second breakfast.
"Arts and craps" (as a friend's daugther used to call it) in the later afternoon. Can you count the misquito bites - they were a result of afternoon slide time?

How does your garden grow?

Well, this may be as good as it gets this year. With this 100 degree weather most of my garden is burning up. Tomatoes are still coming in, and peppers, but sometimes I am third in line to get to them - behind the heat and the slugs. My herbs are doing really well. That is lavender in with my poor, pale zinnias. We are brainstorming about a fall garden. Since I won't be seven months pregnant that one may go in a little better.