The youngests in spring

I sure love those grubby little fingers and hacked off bangs.

Idle fans

I'm glad the players are into this game because the fans seem more concerned with their seating arrangement.  Probably happens at a lot of sporting events.

Miniature table gardens and peace

This was one of my favorite projects from the school year.  Our botany studies over lapped with some of our history of Japan and so, as we learned about the parts of plants and how they grow and the parts of a culture and how it grows, we planted our own little garden.  As most of you know, some Japanese religious thought teaches that happiness, wisdom, strength, peace, etc are found in isolation, quiet, order, pensive thought.  Now, while functionally I often live as if my strength is found in quiet and order, I find that my efforts to produce such things are often foiled and when they aren't, I never really do find as much strenth as I anticipate.  We ALL had a good reminder that our happiness, wisdom, strength, and ultimately our salvation is found in only one thing.  Jesus.  Thank you, Jesus.

Greta spent the entire end-product picture taking trying to get these gloves on.