Fresh squeezed

I don't know how many oranges were squeezed that afternoon.  I half expected the kids to wake up with acid sores in their mouths.

They offered me some...I politely passed when I caught a glimpse of all those grubby little paw prints on the jar.  All the dirt and vitamin C hopefully did them well.

Time for change

Every roommate I have had since seminary has known "the green thing." There has never been the perfect spot for it or the perfect use for it, but I have LOVED it!  Some friends were renovating their kitchen when I lived in St. Louis the first time and these cabinets were coming out.  I would have taken them all if I could.  I painted it this lovely green over its original white.  It still has the black and white contact paper inside.  Sadly it has been in our garage since moving to SD.  (Sadly for me.  I don't think it bothers Mike much.)  But recently I talked him into letting me put it on the back porch so I had a place to store outside eating stuffs and whatnot.  And it is about to become "the yellow thing" and will match another antique item my roommates have always persevered.

Two of my favorite things 'til I got married and had kids.

The Clampetts

Have no idea where they were headed, but Olivia had to ride on the hood.

Sorry we've been m.i.a. for a while.  Been on vacation, then adjusting after vacation, then wandering in circles trying to figure out what I need to do to be ready for this baby.   We do have some fun pics of recent activities though - so hopefully I can get some of those up in the next few days.