How to REALLY play

Yes, those are goggles.
Then, well sometimes you have to take care of a little business.

And, then when you're really serious...

Truly Two

 I couldn't find the birthday crown, so we used a stand in finger knit crown.  Found it two days later.

She about burned her lips.
Checking out the birthday banner - Olivia and Joseph did a great job!

Thanks for all the well wishes and sweet gifts.  She had a great day - that you can see she shared with everyone.  This is one funny kid.  Quite spirited.  In fact, as of yesterday, she can now climb out of her crib.  The other two never did that.

Olympic?? inspiration 2

Still not sure what I think about ribbon dancing being an olympic sport.  Nevertheless, the girls got into it.


I wish I had cleared off the rest of the counter so only the 'goods' were in the picture.  This just may be the best Pinterest post I have found.  The Guinness float.  Only bummer was our local market was out of Guinness, so we had to us another stout, but still - whew, yummy!  Here it is - coffee ice cream, Guinness or other stout beer, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and peanuts!  Just right for a pregnant girl and her Guinness lovin' husband.

William Heiss State Park

I should start by introducing David.  He is Greta's favorite person, it seems, in the world right now.  Nobody gets the same reaction David does from Greta.

See what I mean - check out that look.  David is our music director/help with everything else we need help with.  He has been a huge blessing to the church, Mike, our family...  We all love David, 
Greta is just the most exuberant in her expression.

Another introduction: this is Rebel.  I love this picture because you rarely ever actually get to see his eyes - either because his glasses are so dirty or because he keeps them mostly closed or fluttering while he talks to you.  It is pretty much impossible to put words to all that is Rebel, so I won't even try.  But hopefully you will get to know him some here.  He is 72 and hiked all the way to the top of Volcan Mtn. with us - about a 6 mile, relatively strenuous hike.

 The hike...I forgot to tell you what we were doing.  It was our first church camping trip!!  We had a great time and look forward to doing it again since two our our big hiking/camping families couldn't even make this trip.  We camped at William Heiss State Park and hiked Volcan Mountain.  Weather was great.  Kids slept great. Food was great (thanks to David).  Music was great - I got to drift to sleep listening to David and Noelle play guitar and sing.

 We forgot to change Joseph's shirt before we went hiking, so he went shirtless so he wouldn't die of heat stroke.  It is so funny what kids think is normal...Mike does not go around shirtless often so it took Joseph a while to be okay with having his shirt off.  August on the other hand...

 Kaitlan and Nowellwell (Noelle), as Greta calls her.  Noelle has helped with our children's ministry  since the church started.  She has grown from never babysitting before to being a pro - keeping everyone's kids from church at some point or another.  Kaitlan is so fulfilling to look at these pictures and just see how all the people are becoming a part of our family - how our kids love them, how they serve the church and the neighborhood here.

This always happens when we hike and I am pregnant.  You've seen it before.

Can't wait until the next trip...though it will probably have to wait until after the baby arrives...seeing as I have been having contractions the entire time I have been making this post.  Whew, slow down baby - we have a few more weeks yet!

In action at our house

It's not just about prepping meals and wiping butts and tripping over legos and refereeing arguments around here.  When I stop and pay attention there is actually quite a bit more going on.