This is advanced, right? Of course it is.
Next video: walking. It's around the corner.

Moon shine

Needless to say this has been the favorite science project to date. And for the kids too I think. Didn't realize the Halloween Joe Joe's were orange on the inside. Should have, but didn't. Just looked like harvest moon I guess.

The Blues

It has been a long time since I have been to an air show. I've seen the Blue Angels fly a few times, but I've probably not seen a full blown air show since I was a kid. Fantastic!

I know it is proper science, but I still don't see how some of these things can stay in the air. And do the maneuvers they do?!
They played out a whole war time scenerio with fake gun fire and everything. I sound like a dope describing it I am sure - especially to someone in the military.
Note to self: take umbrella to next air show in desert.

I can't believe that beast can get off the ground, much less stay in the air. I think you can fit a tank and a bunch of jeeps and a helicopter on that thing. Huge!

The Harrier. So cool. It is pretty much a heliplane...or an aircopter I guess. Can take off and land like a helicopter or plane.
Grand stands.
The stars.

Thank you! So impressed by these men. (Has there ever been a female Blue Angel?) What is crazy is that the maneuvers they perform are standard. Everyone learns them. They aren't stunts.


This is Andrew, the yard man. (Our landlords employ him. We are happy to do our own yard, but they dropped about 2 grand landscaping the front yard before we moved in and, well, we didn't want to kill it.) Anyway, Andrew gets TONS of "help" when he comes. He lets the kids use his clippers and everything. Joseph gets a little carried away...a few weeks ago I found him dismantling a sprinkler. Claimed it wasn't working right and he needed to fix it. Andrew is a great sport. Olivia's bug collection always grows when he comes.But last week you should have heard all the whoopin' and hollerin' coming from the front yard. It started out as one of those conversations monopolized by, "Hey, watch this. Look at me. Can you do this?" And then she really wondered if he could do. He said it had been a while and he wasn't sure. Then she became his biggest cheerleader. "Oh, I bet you can! Try! See!" Finally he did. And he could. And she jumped up and down cheering, "You did it! You're doing it!! Way to go!!" It was great, as is Andrew.