Must be school vacation

Because my kids are still in their pj's and the rest of the neighborhood is at our house.  

Henry's life

"Oh, dear."

"Oh, dear...can you help..."

 "Oh, dear...he's not going to be much help..."
 "Seriously Woman!? Take me back!"

 "Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, relax and pray they don't drop you."

"Like a jail bird on trash duty"

My clothing pick according to Mike.

The Blues Brothers (and a crazy little, big sister)

The Christmas Post

I was just looking back over these pictures - you would never know my mom was laid up in bed with flu/stomach bug/something most of Christmas.  They got an awful lot accomplished during her well hours.  Piggies painted, puzzles worked, pictures colored...  

 Thanks, Grandma, for this great dress/we made it a shirt because it was too small.  She looked so cute in it.
 The secret wrapping sessions

 Not sure what she was wrapping and with what...a sock in an oven mitt???
 Christmas morning!  Let it begin with socks!!!  (That didn't fit right...and were in a pack of about 30...and I still haven't returned...actually I am not even sure where they are anymore.)
 We're whipping these little people into shape this year!

 Basket girls (and the chapstick that Greta managed to extract from the tube in leave on the living room couch in minutes...note to self: two is too young for chap stick.)
 Hand crafted rolling pin by Scrappaw!

 Break for neighborly Christmas greetings.
 Fake nails.  I can remember buying these at Wal-greens in the mall and going to sit in the J.C.Penny dressing rooms to put them on.
 Scrappaw and the Hen hanging
 Lot of building going on this year - cars, plans, erector sets, legos...
My dad also made that blue chair behind Joe for Greta.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for coming.  Let's do a re-do so Mom can try it not sick.

A day in the life

Potty training.  The things you do to make it happen.  Hopefully you will still eat with us even though the potty has been in the dining room.