Is it any wonder?

This could be why we end up with library fines...

The Red Vipers!

As you can see, Joseph started out the season swinging WAY under the ball.  Hazard of learning golf at the same time?  Who knows.  I think he had a 5 game no hitting streak.  Poor guy.  But eventually something clicked and he started hitting it.  We had a wonderful team, coaches, parents.  We are still playing with some of these kids and hanging out with their parents.

 Little pre-game warm up.  It is pretty funny.  These guys are actually starting to get pretty good and so you expect them to act a little older.  Nope.  They are still 7 and 8 year olds.  Goofy as ever.

 That is one of Joe's best friends in the foreground of the picture, Jonah.  They are the same size, same interests.  Jonah is an only child, so when Joe goes to his house he gets the royal treatment.  That's Joe playing second.

 Got it!
 See his little batting glove crammed in his back pocket.  Cute.  I will probably embarrass him at some point.

 We had the guys over after a game for a little potluck and to celebrate Joe's birthday.  This is Claire (or Clara, as Greta still insists on calling her).  She is one of the guy's little sister.  As I was taking this picture, Greta was stone faced, saying with all seriousness to "Clara," "Do not look at her."  As if she had never seen me before in her life.  Apparently I already embarrass her.

 See what I mean about 7 and 8 year olds?  This is how you get a team picture...

 Almost there...
 Not bad
And this is what the rest of us spent most of our time doing during baseball games - chasing Henry, on and off the field.

Go Red Vipers!

An Easter afternoon

It will be a sad day when the kids no longer get excited about fruit in their Easter baskets and stockings.

 Henry didn't care about the egg hunt so much.

Easter in October?

Well, today's date may be October 19th, these pictures are reminiscent of Easter 2014.  I am so far behind!!  I told Mike, though, I am just not ready to give up the blog yet.  I don't scrap book.  Sadly, we no long develop pictures.  I journal like a mad woman, but not necessarily about all these things.  I need something to make up for the fact that my short term memory is completely shot.

So here it is: The Annual (now) Parkside (not Harbor) Church Easter Egg Hunt
Grown men wrestling with tiny pieces of candy and cheap, dysfunctional, plastic eggs = good sports.

 This is not, as you can see, a high stress event.
 The games

 Sweet Noah from next door
 If you have been paying attention, you are watching a neighborhood grow up.
 Baseball pals
 This little chicklet was so cute - she was totally into the games.
 Greta and Big Henry in the balloon toss.

 The water balloon toss can get serious.  Desi was a good sport.

As usual, this is about all I saw of Olivia that day.  That is her rear end sticking up out of the balloon basket.  

 That's little Kelton with Henry.  His grandpa said he gave his first tithe this day - he put one of his eggs in the pastor's kid's basket.
 And this is my favorite part and it happens every year.  All the family units gradually find each other and huddle together.

 That's Coach Manny back there.  He was Joe's tball coach for two years.
 Yes, she did cut her bangs.  Considering her personality it was only a matter of time.

Next year is the 5th annual.  Hard to believe.