Lou Love

This is Lou. You've seen him before - he was the very heavy airplane for Halloween. We love Lou...but just as important, Lou loves us, especially Olivia. Lou always has a little rat's nest in the back of his hair like Joseph. Lou always says, "Look at my shirt" when he enters our house. Lou likes to wear two different color shoes, though not in these pics. Lou zips his sweater up and then down just a smidge and says, "Be my neighbor?" whenever he puts his sweater on. Lou loves Mr. Rogers.

And we love Lou.


So, on days like today it takes a lot of effort to remember it is winter here. It was about 65 and sunny. But I was pleased when our dinner company asked Joseph, "Is it summer or winter?" he confidently replied, "winter." We have had some cool days, though. Prior to our furnace being replaced (yesterday...just in time for a week of mid 60's) we woke up to quite a few 52 degree mornings in the house. It was in the low 40's outside. So anyway, here is one of our "remember it is really winter" activities.

And one for Mimi, so she doesn't feel so sorry for Ridley.


This is Greta modeling the table cloth I got on clearance at Target for $2.50. My dad, who has never paid full price for anything in his life, would be proud. It actually isn't going to stay a table cloth...because, well honestly it looks more like a Christmasy bath towel. So, I think I am going to make stockings for the kids out of it.The cheeks get bigger with each baby.

Christmas in pictures

Thank you Trader Joe's for making the "I've got a new baby and don't know how to make a gingerbread house anyway" pre-fab gingerbread house. Speaking of Trader Joe's - and this really should be it's own post to give TJ's the praise they deserve...actually, I will save it for another post. I just remembered it is a longer-ish story. Anyway, here is their great pre-fab.Receiving.

Tradition - Meet Me in St. Louis. (We also do White Christmas.)
This is Lilly and her Aunt (who has custody of her) Robin. Can't wait until these girls are old enough to play together.
The Eve.

Test ride.
Last minute preparations.
The quiet.

Break for tea.

Break for thumb.

Worn out.

Quiet again.

Merry Christmas.