Favorite Things

I had a rude awakening Thursday morning when I rose to face the day 8 "hands" short of what I had the previous five days to help with my children. We just returned from a visit with my family in Tennessee and I say "hands" because four of them were actually paws. Lucy, my parents' dog entertained Olivia more than the rest of us put together. The past couple days of transition really haven't been bad. We have had a few moments of mayhem though - just enough to remind me how desparately short of patience I am and how selfish I can be. I do need the Holy Spirit to continue his work in me.

But last evening was quite sweet. Mike is on a retreat with some men in our church and, before heading over to a friend's house to hang out with some girl friends, I thought I would go for a run with the kids. (I have six weeks to train for a 10K. I've never run a 5K! I've never run any sort of long distance race for that matter.) I wish I could say I was motivated by discipline. The truth is everyone was fussin' and whinin' (not to be confused with shuckin' and jivin') and it was too early to go to our friend's. So, on this beautiful, almost Fall evening I tossed the kids in our new, used, steal of a deal double jog stroller and we headed to Tower Grove Park. They were content! Olivia with her hands full of rocks (she is finally picking up on the hunting for "treasures" idea) and Joseph with his pudgey little legs crossed at the ankles.

Not 20 feet into the park I hear what sounds like a high school pep band. I love pep bands! This is going to be a good run. Then, another 20 yards or so and I hear a saxophone player! I am running to a personal sound track it seems. I recognize the song he is playing as one of my favorites from Sound of Music - which we just introduced Olivia too last week. Now she starts shuckin' and jivin'. (Not quite shuck and jive music, but nevertheless.) Then, believe it or not, Joseph starts singing. I am being serenaded! Granted he doesn't know the words, but I do and that's what makes it all the better..."I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad."

James 1:18
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change."

P.S. The pep band? Not a pep band at all. It was a wedding at the Center Cross music pavillion. They were playing "Forever God is Faithful." As my daughter would say, "Oooh, niiice."

There is Joseph, singing again - "Come get me. I'm hungry!" Check back later this afternoon for pictures from our trip.

Never Alone

Ten things it is nice to do alone (mostly):
1. Bathe
2. Read
3. Go to the bathroom
4. Sleep
5. Devotionals
6. Shop
7. Think
8. Pick your nose
9. Organize things
10. Study...anything

Five reasons, PLUS TWO, why I don't ever care to be alone again:


Goooooood mornin'! (Note the anniversary flowers I received!) This is kind of like a "Where in the world is Waldo" picture. If it weren't for Joseph's head you couldn't find him in all the plaid.

Daddy, in case you wondered what we did this morning.

I am trying to teach Olivia the art of exploring. We took a basket and looked for treasures. What you can't see is the only thing she has in her basket is her water bottle. She picked up plenty of leaves, but apparently none of them were basket worthy because she just said, "nope" and dropped them back on the ground.

Just so you know Joe Joe didn't get left at home...

Engine distress

I know...another picture of Joseph in that silly swing. I promise we do get him out occassionally. But it is the sound, not the picture, I wish you could see/hear. I think he is too fat for the Greco! I forgot to ask the friend we borrowed this from if it had a weight limit.

Scat squirrel!

It's a stand off. Olivia is on constant squirrel patrol these days. If banging on the window and clapping doesn't do the trick, she wants to go outside to chase 'em off!

Labor Day hiking

Who shrunk my hat?
There were these fun pools along the way to stop and splash in. She usually calls all water a bath, but took to the word creek this time.
Who blew up my back pack? (Actually, we just had to find a place to put The Chunk while we played in the water.)
Olivia is a great passenger, with the exception of the "oh man!" she exclaims every time I make the slightest stumble or kick a rock. Back pack driver! She must be having flash backs from when I was 7 months pregnant and we wiped out in front of The Container Store.
Joe Joe is a good passenger too - he typically just kicks and flings his arms (note picture) until he gets tired.

Potty training vistas

Doesn't everyone take their Noah's Ark "purse" to the potty? Check out new paint in downstairs bath - finally.
Did cottage cheese bum ever look so cute? Note the shoes - in case we have to make a quick break for the potty. Which, incidentally, did not actually happen - she pooped on the kitchen floor. Anyone want to come over for supper?