Making masterpieces

These girls take their arts and crafts very seriously.  Like everything else they do, it is full contact.

And he does what his mother would do...try to make order of the chaos.

Guess who got glasses?

This is old news for most of you, but if we are going with a chronological blog she is.  Our little four eyes.  Henry has already ripped the ear piece off twice.  He also managed to do this to my friend Bonnie's glasses and a pair of my glasses.  You should see how everyone in our family jumps up and dives for a guest's glasses when they casually lay them on a table.

What a pair ;)


This may be my favorite age.

2014 Backyard Concert Series

We had intended to do three of these, but the summer got away from us with only two.  Sometimes I can't believe who I have "lucked" out to call friends.  And I'm not just talking about the musically talented ones like these guys.  The compassionate ones, the hospitable, the caregivers, the organizers (I am pretty confident we could not have pulled off our wedding with those ones.), the funny ones.  I would not be sane without the funny ones.  People make life rich, maddening sometimes too, but mostly rich.

What was this about again?  The music.  These guys play for us on Sunday mornings, but they can also put out some mad flamenco style skills on Friday evening.  (Not promoting a sacred/secular split here.  Just noting that most hymns are sung in flamenco rhythms.) 

Didn't get a shot of the listeners, but the backyard was pretty packed.  We even had a couple wander over from around the block, heard the music.  Irma's husband, Frank, made a crock of nacho cheese and sent that over with the fixings and even the cute little red and white checked nacho boats.  

This will definitely be a summer tradition.