So, on days like today it takes a lot of effort to remember it is winter here. It was about 65 and sunny. But I was pleased when our dinner company asked Joseph, "Is it summer or winter?" he confidently replied, "winter." We have had some cool days, though. Prior to our furnace being replaced (yesterday...just in time for a week of mid 60's) we woke up to quite a few 52 degree mornings in the house. It was in the low 40's outside. So anyway, here is one of our "remember it is really winter" activities.

And one for Mimi, so she doesn't feel so sorry for Ridley.


Lindsey said...

you DO still have ridley! i had been wondering :-)

sammye said...

I thought the picture of Margaret's head was somebody's knee. It took me forever to figure it out. Sweet Ridley, she appreciates any attentionl