Signs of the season

Easter is my new New Years. I find my heart and mind much more in tune with new beginnings and fresh starts and new routines around Easter. I am still cold and slothful and tired in the middle of winter it seems. But in the spring, life emerging all around, I am ready. The message of Easter in the front yard plum tree - resurrection. The strong scent of the orange blossoms filling the house through the open windows - so thankful God appeals to the senses with his message of life.

We are having an Easter egg hunt in the park this Saturday for our neighborhood. We thought stuffing 950+ eggs would take some time...not with these work horses! I think it took them about an hour!
What happens when you can't resist...and don't care.
Palm Sunday morning. We've been on a bird theme this year for Kindergarten. A week or so ago we made some little nests and I decided to use them for our passion week eggs. Each morning the kids find an egg in their nest with a trinket representing an event from the passion week - and we read the corresponding Bible passage. Note the Sunday school craft (crown) from several weeks ago getting additional mileage. And if you want to feel sorry for our kids...they LOVE cereal, but would eat a whole box in one sitting and be hungry again in an hour. But we've recently instituted a little Sabbath ritual of Sunday cereal - a way to celebrate, associate the Sabbath with good things...that are only signs of better things. We've had friends who have done this...only they let their kids have the good sugary junk. Look at what our kids get excited about. He, he. I am dead meat when they learn what is really out there!
Baby-hawk. (Hanging out after Palm Sunday church at our house.)
I remember when Joseph was Greta's age and didn't have a neck - now look at him all...all...longneckish.
"Here, take a picture of my driver" he says.
More as we continue to enjoy the season...

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