Glimpse of the future?

I have never lived in a city were so many people have "yard people." Nobody does their own yard here. We would gladly take care of ours - we like gardening - except that our landlord dropped a couple grand landscaping the front yard before we moved in and we didn't want to risk killing it...not being familiar with west coast plants you understand. So we just take care of the back. You've seen our giant pumpkin.

Last week Frank and Irma's "yard people" were doing their thing and I hear our trash can being drug down the driveway. I look out and Olivia (clad in an old bridesmaid dress, thank you Cora!!) and Joseph are sweeping up the sidewalk ahead of the man with the blower....into a pile...and into a dust pan...and into the trash! So thorough. If we stick around California, who knows, maybe they'll start their own business.

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Cora said...

so nice to see the dress getting use :). that's a good idea. miss you, friend.