I keep feeling like I am behind here (what's new?) and this post is from the week after Christmas, but the truth is there's not much going on here. Well much post-worthy anyway. I got knocked out for close to two weeks with something horrible in every gland and tube and canal from my neck to the top of my head. Then Greta got it. Then Joseph. Then Olivia. It was lovely. So, it has actually been nice to look back at these pictures and fondly remember when we were all healthy and out of doors.

We went up to a Christian retreat center that offers discounts to pastors for a couple of nights. There happened to be another family there doing the same thing and we ended up eating our meals and hiking with them. This is Joe and Hannah (a little blurry).

The cheetah is should recognize the nose picker.
Fun little team building obstacle course in the middle of the woods.
She has Steve Irkle issues.
Linda, do you recognize those fleece pants on Greta? I am pretty sure those were hand - me - downs from you all - now on our second go around.

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