Getting to know each other

It never fails...I think I am slipping into my bedroom for some quiet nursing time and within minutes everyone is in there.  My space invaded.  My thoughts come to a screeching halt.  My quiet vanishes.  To be honest, I have a hard time not resenting these moments.  I know many say to treasure them..."they pass so quickly."  And really, deep down I do...or at least I anticipate doing in the future...appreciating the moments that is.  But in this moment, I just need a remember what I had planned for finish praying for that person that I think I started to pray for two days ago and I am pretty sure the thing I was praying about is already decide...after this fleeting moment is over, am I going to start that dinner, change the 2-year-old, take a shower, or return that phone call from 3 days ago.  Last Friday the 2 y.o. was dressed by dinner time, but there was no dinner to be found.  On Saturday dinner was served, but Greta, I am afraid to say was still in her pajamas.  How does this happen?  The moments aren't fleeting, they're magic.  They completely disappear - without even a memory.
Just before this photographed moment, Greta had tripped over my shoes and disappeared behind the end of the bed and we all got a good laugh.  Then the big kids taught her how to say "bubbyricious" - which is what we used to call Joseph.  She still prefers Baby Henry, but occasionally when the bubbyricious comes out, I think to myself that the lost moment of solitude was worth the laugh it brought.  Resentment 0, Joy 1.  Game on.

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