So the week of February 14th is an obvious craft week, right? And we have been busy. Craft making with my children (especially Olivia) is always...insightful, frustrating, a textbook study in family dynamics. So, when I came across this blog the other day (in search for some Valentine craft ideas) where the the woman had posted pictures from the past four years of crafts she had made with her children, I was curious. For example, when they were 1 and 3 years old they did this, and 2 and 4 they did this, and 3 and 5 this.

Now, I don't want to call someone I don't know a liar...but...well, the cards were cut out perfectly and the stamps were right in the middle of the paper (with no smudges) and the stickers were cutely positioned in rational spots on the card. Do you see our cards below? It is like the glitter sticks barfed every where and there is no rhyme or reason (in my mind) to anything on there. Blue?! I couldn't convince her that blue wasn't really a valentine color. And yet blue is her favorite why wouldn't she want to share her favorite with her valentines? I had visions or orderly valentines...they spewed love all over pink and red construction paper. The result is far sweeter than the battle of wills we could have gotten into and I would still be recovering from.
Our valentine bouquet. I thought of it myself. We cut out hearts glued on tissue paper and then taped on popsicle sticks.

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