Doing archeology

Every time I look at these pictures I think of those words "doing archeology," but to the tune of "doing choreography" from White Christmas. I'm weird.

But we've started a history curriculum that we really don't have to start until next year, but I am trying it see how I can hack it as a teaching mom. It's called Story of the World and we are loving it. They start by just defining the terms history and archeology. And, well, since Mike WAS the president of the seminary archeology club...who better to enhance these lessons.
So, we've been having digs in the backyard.

Lots of paint chips...probably lead based we deduced from the time period.
Joe found a big hook of some sort. And they were using a paint brush to clean their findings.

You can't really see it in this picture, but Olivia drew a stellar map of the back yard, with the locations of the two dig sites. Dr. Chapman would be proud.

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