A hair sassy

Greta has a wonderful temperament. Like the other two, she is pretty laid back. Rolls with most of our routine, or lack there off. She prefers to be in bed between 7:00 and 7:15, but it is summer time and she accommodates an evening concert in the park or late walk one or two times a week with out much fuss. She has an opinion about a few things. She has decided she no longer likes her changing table (unless you allow her to stand and bang on the window while you change her). When she is hungry, SHE'S HUNGRY!!! And she does not appreciate the parental, aggressive finger sweep of the mouth (enforced regularly because she taste tests everything). So far I have found 3 necklace beds in her diaper - hot pink, red and green. But she is definitely a bit more of an entertainer than the other two. Olivia just always stared at people. I remember the first time we took her to story time at the library and she actually looked offended that all those crazy people were singing and acting so silly. But she was really just taking it all in. Still does that. Joseph, he just always seemed happy to be along. Greta is engaging. She puts on shy, then she starts to work the eyebrows and cut her eyes.
She's fun.

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