Half the fun...

...is getting there, right? That is usually the case for us. I am thankful to Mike's parents for road trippin' their kids all over the country because it has really made him a great trip planner. We headed up the coast last month for San Francisco. 12 hour trip time the first day. And while I am expressing gratitude, a great big thank you to 3 of the best kids! They are troopers! If you don't already know this, a lap desk filled with enough stuff from the $1 section at Target will buy you a lot of scenic mileage.
We stopped in Cambria for supper and a leg stretch.
No need to tell you Olivia's favorite shop.

We would drive for a while and then get out and take in the scenery...
...or skip rocks.

And since it is blurry and you don't know any better...look at that whale jumping in the background!!!

Good night Big Sur. On to Monterrey for night night.

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