The one where Mimi came to visit

It started with a little party in the park! Frank and Irma's grand daugther (the one just behind Minnie) has a little girl, Lulu. And Lulu is 2! Or she was a couple of weeks ago when Mimi came.Quirkle Cubes. It's serious. Don't play if you don't mean it. Mimi means it.

We always get rain when my family comes across the entire country to visit. My brother and sister-in-law got 5 days straight of it. Mimi got enough for a gigantic, double, complete rainbow!
Our 3rd Annual Pie Stop By!! Always kicked off by Frank and Irma (see Irma...look close, she is a great grandmother if you can believe it). Mimi worked hard for the (no) money that night!

The monk. Mimi mistook a hand-me-down fleece vest from Kate V for Olivia as a sleeper sack for baby G.
And that is what it has become, permanently.

Loves us some Mimi!
And Suz! Traveling pals. We hope they do it again soon!

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