The Art Show

We've been cooping (that's co-oping, cooping) our homeschool experience with another family of dear friend. You might say they are the right brain and we are the left brain of the set up we have going on. It works so well! Their boys come here for math and science with Mike on Wednesdays. That's right, Mike! You can find me around the corner at Grant's with a cup of coffee looking for my sanity. On Thursdays our kids go to their house for art. We decided to put a little art show together to give the kids an opportunity to learn a little bit about hosting and see how they can serve others and bring joy to others in the things they create. The Osgoods hosted and we invited a good number of friends and neighbors. So, Meet The Artists...The pre-show re-cap. Kevin quizzed on their art - what techniques they used, what artist they studied, why they named it what they did...

We framed a few pieces and hung them in the windows.
Chaz giving a tour

Her true love...this is probably where she would have rather been all evening.
The arteests.

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