The Christmas Montage

Too tired and sick to add much commentary. These are just snippets from our days of Christmas - that involved a lot of neighbors and a lot of skype.Maybe a new tradition - Christmas Eve zoo trip (that's Lilly, not one of ours)
They speak a thousand words...I'll give you 8, two each person...
So much for matchy matchy. They don't even match themselves, much less each other. Maybe one day.
Not evening matching socks...don't even mention our sock drawer.
Christmas homemades - salsa for neighbors
table runner for mom
They LOVE getting the boxes from the East...who cares about the North Pole

Calling it an evening...
Based on all these pictures you would think our Christmas was all about presents. It wasn't. We had some really special times with neighbors. A handful from the church came over Christmas eve and we worshipped Christmas day at one of the other Harbor sites. I can't quite figure out how to slow Christmas down. Probably because our Fall always tends to be pretty full, so it starts early. I'll take any suggestions if you have them.

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