What kind of mother are you?

Well, maybe you did not notice that I skipped right past May 1st to June 10.  If anyone other than my  mother and mother in law are even still looking at this little blog, you probably won't notice either that my resolution to do one post each morning also skipped a few days.  I was just telling Olivia the other day to strive to do something difficult every day, something you can't possibly do in your own strength.  Apparently regularly blogging is that thing for me.  But I love this space.  With no photo books any more, this is my memory.

So, Joe Joe.  I didn't actually forget his birthday, just to post it in the right place here. In these pictures he is turning 7.  In reality, he is about to turn 8. He is the most consistent, easy going kid.  Occasionally he tries to be ferocious by yelling at Mike or me when he is really frustrated, but mostly his emotions are of the Eeyore variety and quickly pass.

You like how he wears a collared shirt to breakfast on his birthday?

 After breakfast and presents we spent a sun shiny morning out back.  He is so easy to please.

 He even humored me with the birthday crown at lunch.
 We did not do an official party this year, but invited his baseball team over instead since several of them had birthdays the same week.  This is the little sister of one of them...now that I think of it, maybe I posted this already with the other baseball picks.  Anyway, Greta is telling "Clara" (her actual name is Claire, but Greta either does not get that or does not care), "Don't look at her."  Like I am some crazy paparazzi.

I am looking forward to eight.  Joseph is definitely not an early bloomer.  He is innocent and fun.  He is not self conscious in the least and has no real sense that others could think anything more than kindly of him.  I would be happy if that rolled into 8, even 9.

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