Earth Days

We've been doing a lot with planting and digging and picking these days. We've planted a few pots of geraniums - they get huge here and grow all year. We've also put in some herbs and have an egg carton incubating in the laundry room. So far every seed has come up - a couple of zinnias, 6 tomatoes, a parsley, a cucumber, and a couple of lettuce plants. Olivia comes in quite often with a handful of things she has cut from the bushes and plants in the front yard. And the other day I came in to the bathroom to find all the towels smeared with slug slime. That was gross. She is a different girl from a year ago when she didn't want to even touch worms - now she pesters rolly pollies and pets snails and collects worms in thermos lids.They are learning the parts of the flower (thanks, Amy). And she has been wearing her gardening gloves everywhere (thanks, Grandma) - although it is a little awkward sometimes. She looks like she has some sort of issue with sun exposure, especially when she has on a hat and sweater too.
Pulling out the root bound bottom. (Wish I could have planted that second chin of mine in that pot!)
Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming how "be with" our kids really are. Really, could we be in more together planting? If they walk away from us in public, sometimes strangers point out "Do you see your kid wondering that way?" Well, of course I do - but I have no fear of them bolting - they are way too co-dependent. (Don't worry grandparents - we aren't letting them wonder off everywhere.)
There's the egg carton, pre-sprouted.
Enjoying being out in the dirt. Now, off to make some iced tea with fresh mint in it.

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sammye said...

Thought maybe i should make a comment or you might stop posting pictures. I've probably looked at these 3-4 times, so cute.