Tankin' up

I think, after Christmas and Easter, Valentines is my favorite. Not for the typical reasons, Mike and I don't even go out. I'm not even sure we wished each other a 'happy valentines.' But I love making it a family holiday. My mom always did. She made a special supper and set the table really nice and gave me chocolate covered raspberry chocolates. This year we celebrated over breakfast and in case you didn't know it...chocolate/candy is Olivia primary love language. (That and mexican take-out.) Her tank was f.u.l.l. Monday morning. She just kept rearranging her candy and identifying everything and saying "I love you." Finally, at one point she brimmed over and said, with tears in her eyes, "The best part about valentines is you and Daddy." I am sure there is some exceptionally tender point to make here about God's love or family traditions or cavities or something, but I am running on little sleep as Greta has been sick, so I am just trying to enjoy the moment and maybe the lessons will sink in somewhere.

a pair of puckers

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sammye said...

i love this. Happy Valentines.