A few glimpses of Easter Sunday

This picture feels a little dishonest. We are rarely ever this coordinated (if three of us in shades of blue counts as coordinated.). We are never all looking at the camera at the same time. We are never all this clean at the same time. My hair is not straight naturally. And Mike never sits like that. But underneath we are all still the same - and most of you know what that looks like...and love us anyway. Thank you.I have a feeling I will look back at these early church plant days with fondness. While it feels a little (or a lot) overwhelming at times, there is something very simple and family-like about it. Afternoons spent in the front yard after worship, just rolling around in the grass and hanging out.
Lana, that chick takes the cutest pictures.
Guess who just got kissed by Dragon. He looks guilty doesn't he?
There were more digital cameras than kids! Frank and Irma are so sweet to include us in so many of their family celebrations. There are four generations at their home most weekends.
Enjoying her version of Sabbath rest on the Easter Bunny. Full day.

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Amy Veerman said...

The cutest thing is Margaret's hand on Olivia's leg in that second picture.