Year 3 and counting

It has become a Thanksgiving tradition to take a picnic to Switzer Canyon with the Coopers - only this year we were down the Main Cooper as she had back issues. The Coopers have a block that seconds in awesomeness only to ours - in regard to neighbors. Since Lainie could not come, Christine the block yarn dyer and master knitter (that is really her job, dying yarn - some days you can pass her house and see racks of beautiful yard drying in the sun) - Christine joined as as the surrogate mother.A real giant tumble weed - really.
Joseph and Ryan spent most of their time battling the giant tumble weed.
Menu - turkey sandwiches, popcorn, apples and pumpkin cookies. A pilgrim feast, sort of - only I forgot to get turkey at the store and substituted cheese and crackers.

I learned on this trip that there used to be a house in the canyon. This grove of palms lined the driveway.

Funny story - Ryan has a reputation of being...well, maybe a little rough. Let's just say it was a big deal for his mother to let him come to the canyon with a sword without her supervision. He's not mean...just a little rough. He was sent with thorough instructions not to poke or hack or stab or anything anybody. So Olivia and Joseph pulled out their Indian headdresses and Ryan says, quite matter-of-factly, "Oh good, something we can shoot!"

Looking forward to next year...

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The Enchanted One said...

I love the pictures! I never heard about the tumbleweed. I'll be there next year. :)