The decorating

I look back at years past...there is documentation of the tree being cut, brought into the house, the lights being strung, the ornaments being carefully hung, and a nice cozy shot of everyone around the tree. This year ornaments we flying everywhere. If it is a ball, you should be able to throw it, right? WRONG! Joseph, you may not hang anymore of the breakables! The tree is heavy on ornaments on the bottom - quite a test to this micro-managing soul. And they are eating the candy canes that have been decoration for the past 3 years (gross). But it is up - and lovelier than ever I think. Lana (remember Lana?) was there helping too, but I didn't get her in a picture. Olivia was excited to share decorating with Lana, since she had helped over at Frank and Irma's the day before - it is all about the sociability (not a word? you know what I mean).She helped the most.

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