Three conversations in a row tonight:

Olivia: "How old do I have to be before I get gum again?"
Mom: "About 6 or 7."
Olivia: "About 5 or 7 before I get gum?"
Joseph: "How old will I be a skunk?"

Mandy to Mike: "I see it in your crease, right there." (referring to the smile crease around your mouth)
Joseph: "I want to see his grease."

Olivia: "Mom, I think your the bomb." (thanks Mimi)
Mom: "Olivia, I think YOUR the bomb."
Joseph: "I hear the bomb!"

I think he might having hearing issues. He comes by it honestly. I can't hear very well and my great granny was deaf as a doornail.

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Amy Veerman said...

Wow. You're a hard liner on the gum! I predict the bun currently in the oven will be smacking gum by age 3.