Who are these kids?

Sometimes I wonder...especially today as we went out to eat with some friends after church and Olivia sat at the bar the whole time chatting with the wait staff. I look at Joseph sometimes and he is such a little squirt. A little person. A little future Elton John??!! How he got outside on his bike in that get up...clearly I was distracted.This is kind of hard to see, but it is one of the constantly evolving window gel scenes. Sometimes they are sorted by color, sometimes by shape, sometimes they are all crammed into one pane, and sometimes they are dropped in a brown bag and toted around the house. Who are these kids? I wouldn't trade them for much...I mean absolutely anything. They are really funny. Today, Joseph ran out of the nursery, right up to me and kicked me in the shins. Not really all that funny, but it just makes me all the more interested in who they are and how they work and what they will be. Any predictions?
Maybe an interpretive dancer?


Lindsey said...

hilarious picture of Little Elton McBride and hilarious video of Olivia dancing. She definitely has some moves!

madeleine sellars said...

i love the video of Olivia dancing! So cute!!!!

Michael and Mandy said...

Mouse!! When did you get on here!?

Tootsie said...

everybody is growing up too fast.

Olivia has good body and arm moves
Her ballet lessons are showing.

Joe is not a baby anymore. The air of assurance, shades and all.
Watch out for thoes feet. Some unresolved anger...?

Your children are soooo precious!
Thanks for shareing them with us.

Cora said...

that dancing reminds me of you. i'm just sayin'...