More to learn than cooking II

I continue to learn a lot from, believe it or not, Julia Child about marriage. There is a partnership-ness about her relationship with Paul that is really encouraging and motivating. This is something that Mike and I have started to call mission. Even from Genesis we see God's creation of marriage as mission. Eve was given to Adam and then they were both given tasks - multiply (can't do that alone), rule and subdue the earth.

I am realizing at this stage in life (small kids) it is really easy for our tasks in life to run parallel or even in different directions, but not together. And that is really odd because so much of life at this stage necessitates help, partnership. But it is easy to get into a grove, especially as the mother and think that it is just easier to do it yourself - you know the routine best, you recognize the signs quicker, you know where stuff is because you decided to put it there. But doing it alone is exhausting and not nearly as fun.

Paul and Julie never had kids and they got married much later in life, so there are no real parallels for life right now. But they certainly had mission together. Granted, their mission was more for consuming life and culture and people. They served others as a by product of that (with meals and friendship and shared life), but their motive or drive was not necessarily to serve and love others. They really capitalized on their similarities and strengths and weren't put off or threatened by their differences. It seems like we often fall into the trap of criticizing or trying to fix one another's differences. We see them as flaws or weaknesses rather than just part of you that is not like me.

Anyway, continuing to learn.

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