Yard Sale'in

We had a driveway sale a couple of weekends ago - multifamily from our street, plus some add-ins. Maybe it's the East TN in me, but that is my idea of a Saturday well spent. We made enough money to cover the donuts from a local bakery for breakfast and tacos from Benny's for lunch - plus maybe a little extra. We squeezed some lemonade from lemons from Nate and Sarah's tree and the kids gave that out with some bran muffins - you want to help keep your neighbors regular, right?Co-laborers.
Hired entertainment - Elton Little John (with his library book club necklace on)

S.L.O.B. (Support Locally Owned Business) Our local deli/market owner gave the kids some t-shirts. That same day was the South Park Old House Tour (that's why we did the sale - lot of foot traffic). We were too busy to make it to the homes...or maybe we are still full of our own old home tour from St. Louis and subconsciously didn't make it out. Regardless it is a neat event. Several rehabbed homes are chosen each year for tours and then they have a central festivities area with food booths, music, and rehab business vendors. That's where the kids got the shirts. But now Joseph just runs around with his very large shirt on threatening to slob us.

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